[READ OP FIRST!] How To: OP-ing OTP Award Voting Threads

Discussion in 'Aeriverse Awards' started by cuteribbon, Feb 19, 2017.

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    Since OTP Voting Threads will be mainly managed by users. Here's a tutorial on how to manage the OP of an OTP voting thread.

    The OP MUST include:
    1. Guidelines
    2. Schedule
    3. Suggestions
    4. A list of Keepers//Supporters.


    1. Guidelines
    The basic rules to follow when suggesting a mock for a badge, it's important to follow them to make the suggestion and voting process easier. OTP guidelines are usually less strict than Era badges ones. But it's still PROHIBITED to use fantaken pictures or videos.

    Here are the basic guidelines used on OTP votings:

    - Official pictures only. No fantaken photos.
    - Selcas are allowed.
    - All pictures should be of a reasonably high quality.
    - Screenshots from music videos, official videos and CFs are allowed.
    - Screenshots from fancams are prohibited.
    - Artists' faces must be clearly visible.
    - Tumblr-like edits/overly edited images are prohibited.
    - Mock badges must be as centered as possible.

    Make sure to follow them!

    2. Schedule
    Before starting an OTP Voting Thread, think of the dates you want to do it, and plan the times. Make sure you can be there to follow the suggestions and voting.
    Since you might not be there all the time, you can always give you a 1 day margin, but make sure to follow it, don't leave the thread unattended for too long.

    Here's an example of how the Schedule can be planned:
    Suggestions: X 21 - X 23 [Usually it's 3 days]
    Preliminary Voting: X 24 - 26 [Usually it's 2 days]
    Final Voting: X 27 - X 29 [Usually it's 2 days]

    If after the end of suggestions, the amount is less than 5 there is no need for Preliminary Voting.

    3. Suggestions
    This section is for displaying all suggestions made, you can update it each time a suggestion is made or wait until suggestions end and update it with a collage of all of them.
    Make sure to number them when voting is ongoing so people can see what they are voting for!

    4. Keepers/Supporters
    Make sure to have a list with all Keepers and Supporters to keep track of it. It will make it easier to know who to notify when Suggestions start/end and when Voting start/end.


    This is not an obligatory step but if you want to make a Voting Thread look nicer you can always add a banner including:
    - X OTP Voting Thread
    - A Picture/Collage
    - Any other detail you want to add to it.


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